Martina Brayford

Martina Brayford

Supervisor’s Role in the Resource Estimation Workflow

Dive into the world of mineral resource estimation and discover how Supervisor revolutionizes complex geostatistical processes, enhancing efficiency and precision. Explore Supervisor's benefits and access our professional development course, Supervisor Fundamentals, to master its features. Streamline your workflow and optimize resource estimation with Supervisor today.

Spotlight on Our Team – Danny Tolmer

Meet Danny Tolmer, our North American Regional Manager with 19+ years of mine operations and consulting experience. Specializing in open pit and underground mine optimization, Danny is a Qualified Person for open pit mining under NI43-101 and SK1300 Technical Reporting, driving excellence in mining engineering and consulting in North America.

Snowden Optiro’s Inhouse Training

Unlock the potential of your mining professionals with our Inhouse Training courses. All our professional development courses can be delivered either on-site or online to your team and customised to suit your specific requirements. With a history of excellence, our…

Reconcilor with all new Pivot View Module Released

Reconcilor 9.5 is here, and it comes packed with the highly anticipated Pivot View module. This game-changing feature revolutionizes analysis capabilities, offering a user-friendly interface for effortless data exploration and insightful querying. Upgrade now to experience the power of Reconcilor 9.5 and unlock a new world of analytical possibilities.