Martina Brayford

Martina Brayford

A Hiker’s Guide to the Geology of Kilimanjaro – Matt Mullins

In his March 2024 Geo Bulletin piece, Matt Mullins explores Mount Kilimanjaro's geological wonders. Mullins highlights the climb's challenges and diverse landscapes, underscoring the mountain's status as one of Africa's tallest freestanding volcanoes. He provides practical tips for accessing Kilimanjaro via road or air through Arusha, Tanzania, inviting readers to experience its geological beauty firsthand.

Application of PhotonAssay™ to Coarse-Gold Mineralisation – The Importance of Rig to Assay Optimisation

Application of PhotonAssay™ to Coarse-Gold Mineralisation – The Importance of Rig to Assay Optimisation
Explore gold assaying's forefront in Dr. Simon Dominy and Jan Graham's paper, "Application of PhotonAssay™ to Coarse-Gold Mineralisation." Published in the January 2024 issue of Sampling Science & Technology magazine, it unveils PhotonAssay™—a rapid, chemical-free gold assay technique. Co-authored by Simon C. Dominy, Janice C. Graham, Kim H. Esbensen, and Saranchimeg Purevgerel, the paper spotlights collective expertise driving groundbreaking assay innovation.

Spotlight on Our Team – Mark Drabble

Meet Mark Drabble, our seasoned Executive Consultant in Australia, bringing 29+ years of geology expertise. He excels in due diligence, Mineral Resource audits, and consulting globally. Mark is known for his humor and doubles as an excellent presenter for Snowden Optiro geology courses.

What’s new in Supervisor v8.15.2

Discover new features in Supervisor v8.15.2, our comprehensive geostatistical package. This release introduces significant improvements, including simplified QQ plot generation, bulk export for Global Topcut components, enhanced 3D visualization, and an upgraded SQL Database connection tool.

Spotlight on Our Team – Matt Mullins

Matt Mullins, our Executive Consultant based in the UK. With a wealth of experience in the mining industry, Matt has contributed to major corporations and mid-tier companies across 26 countries. In a recent conversation, we explored Matt’s remarkable journey, from his upbringing in South Africa to his diverse career experiences and current role at Snowden Optiro.

Spotlight on Our Team – Julian Aldridge

Meet Julian Aldridge, our International Regional Manager with 18+ years of experience who excels in resource assessment, 3D modeling, QAQC assessment, and diverse commodities like Mineral Sands, Lithium, and Gold. He is a Chartered Geologist (CGeol), IOM3 Member (MIMMM), and a CP/QP. Proficient in modern mapping and metallogenic models, he brings extensive practical expertise.

Supervisor’s Role in the Resource Estimation Workflow

Application of PhotonAssay™ to Coarse-Gold Mineralisation – The Importance of Rig to Assay Optimisation
Dive into the world of mineral resource estimation and discover how Supervisor revolutionizes complex geostatistical processes, enhancing efficiency and precision. Explore Supervisor's benefits and access our professional development course, Supervisor Fundamentals, to master its features. Streamline your workflow and optimize resource estimation with Supervisor today.