What’s new in Supervisor v8.15.2

We are pleased to announce the latest version of Supervisor, version 8.15.2. This release comes with significant enhancements, such as simplified QQ plot generation, bulk export functionality for Global Topcut components, improved 3D visualisation, and an upgraded SQL Database connection tool.

These enhancements are designed to streamline resource workflows, offering users a more integrated experience. These improvements in Supervisor ensure it continues to provide thorough geostatistical analysis solutions. Users can now assess geological data more efficiently, gaining confidence and staying ahead in their analyses.

We are confident that these new features and enhancements will elevate your user experience, empowering you to make more informed decisions and achieve even greater efficiency in your geological analyses.

Learn more about the new features in this short overview video.

New Features in Supervisor v8.15.2

SQL Database Connection Tool

Supervisor’s re-engineered SQL database connection tool offers simplified connectivity
to both local and remote Microsoft SQL databases. It enables seamless access to cloud based and customer environment databases, eliminating the requirement of storing
databases locally.

Simply add data into Supervisor as you would any other data type, and select the SQL
option to open the new SQL tab. From this tab you can configure and connect to your
SQL server using a connection string.

Bulk Generation of QQ Plots

Generate QQ plots in bulk for sibling data nodes in project trees using the ‘All Siblings’
function, creating all possible pairwise plots at once.

For domain-specific analysis, the ‘All ‘ option will efficiently produce QQ plots
for all domain pairs across the chosen Assay data, supporting domain by domain project

Bulk Export of Global Topcut Components

Select and bulk export multiple Global Topcut components via the new right click menu
option, simplifying the process of managing and sharing topcut analysis results.

Enhanced 3D Visualisation

The Global Topcut and Threshold Plot components now come with 3D viewer support,
enabling users to visualise affected samples and topcut values directly within a spatial
context, enhancing interpretation and decision-making.

Revamped SQL Database Connection Tool

The reengineered SQL Database connection tool now supports seamless integration
with both local and remote SQL databases, guaranteeing a more flexible and reliable
data import workflow.


  • Additional options for generating multiple QQ-Plots have been added to the right￾click Add menu.
  • Added export functionality to the right-click menu of Global Topcut components.
  • Multiple components can now be exported at once.
  • Users no longer have to press Enter after typing in a field to finalise the input.
  • When the Global Topcut component is selected, the Context 3D window now shows the samples above the topcut value in red, with the remaining samples display as grey.
  • The KNA, Cross-Validation, Grade Control DH Spacing and Predicted GT Curve components can now be added to stand-alone variograms. The Variogram will be treated as an omnidirectional variogram model for all calculations.
  • The default Compatibility option for Rotation components has been set to Datamine.
  • Data that falls within the red highlighted section of the Threshold Probability Plo also displays as red in the Context 3D window.
  • Multiple Global Topcut components can now be added to a single node.
  • The latest online help documentation can now be launched directly from the Help menu within Supervisor.
  • New context sensitive help documentation can be accessed by pressing F1 with any component selected.
  • A Table of Structures has been added that can be toggled on in the Stats tab of a variogram model.
  • Variograms can now be exported directly to .vrg format.
  • Supervisor now allows Vulcan BMF files to be imported.
  • Supervisor no longer needs to be reopened after checking out a new license.
  • The border and transparency of the stats table can now be altered in the Stats tab.
  • Users can now move and choose the location of the centroid before processing results during KNA and Drillhole Spacing Analysis.
  • Users are no longer required to restart Supervisor when cancelling and rerunning a conditional simulation.
  • Users can now connect to and import from a MSSQL database that is hosted on remote server.
  • The time required to cancel processes has been reduced.
  • When displaying points on a box plot, the point jitter will no longer be randomised while adjusting the axis controls.
  • Angular Tolerance can now be displayed on variogram models and can be toggle on in the Draw tab.
  • An upper tail quick-view checkbox has been added to Tail Models that allows user to zoom into the area of interest, perform the fitting, and then zoom back to the global view.

Find all the details about improvements and fixes in the Release Notes.

About Supervisor

Advanced Geostatistics, created by Geologists for Geologists, Supervisor relieves the stress of resource estimation by providing a suite of powerful, interactive statistical tools specially designed with resource geologists in mind. Billions of dollars are invested in projects based on resource estimates. Biased data or invalid domains generate unreliable results with dramatic downstream economic implications. Supervisor provides everything you need to optimise your resource estimate and deliver to the highest standard.

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