QAQC Partnership Program


Our QAQC Partnership Program provides tailored solutions to enhance your company’s QAQC system, resulting in enhanced efficiency and profitability. We conduct on-site reviews, collaborate to establish best-practice protocols to streamline processes, and facilitate changes through practical workshops, all with a focus on efficiency and profitability.

Your benefits

The QAQC Partnership Program delivers substantial advantages, such as minimising errors and rework expenses, enhancing overall operational efficiency and productivity, mitigating risks and potential penalties, and optimising resource allocation, ultimately leading to sustainable cost reductions in the long run.


An holistic approach to the QAQC Partnership Program integrates a suite of processes, carefully crafted to adapt to the individual demands of our clients, promoting collaboration and long term savings.

QAQC procedure manual

• Procedures and methodologies reviewed.
• Appraised against standard and industry best practice.


Onsite audit and review

• Drilling and sampling processes.

• Sample preparation processes.

• QAQC sample insertion protocols and implementation.

• Site laboratory review.

• Data management procedures.

• Data processing and analysis.

• QAQC analysis and reporting.

Preliminary findings

• Discussions with stakeholders.

• Preliminary review of findings.

• Discussions about recommended actions.

• Implementation and training discussions.


Audit report

• Observations and findings for each area audited and documented.

• Customised recommended actions and protocols.

•Establish benchmarks and targets for continuous improvement.

•If applicable, software recommendations.

Onsite training and mentoring

• Identify target audience.

• Tailor content to target audience

• Hands-on training.

• Fundamental principles of best practice in QAQC.

• Teach importance of quality control.

• Link to business success.

• Practical best practice protocol planning and implementation.

• Understanding and adherence - how their actions contribute to the business' success.

• Real-world case studies.


Recommendation implementation

• Assist stakeholders in implementing the recommended QAQC protocols.

• Assist stakeholders in implementing the audit recommendations and corrective actions.

• Develop reporting mechanisms to track and communicate protocols.

Our QAQC experts

Our world-renowned consultants, who have dedicated their careers to the mining industry, will work closely with your team to identify gaps in your existing QAQC system and find tailored solutions to optimise your exploration data management.

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