Clementine Clark

Associate Principal Consultant

Clementine is a skilled Resource Geologist proficient in data analysis, geological modeling, and resource estimation. She specializes in various software tools such as Supervisor, Datamine, and Leapfrog for comprehensive analysis and modeling. With experience spanning across Africa and the Americas, Clementine is recognized as a Competent Person in Platinum Group Element (PGE) and related deposits.

Key Specializations:

  • Resource estimation using techniques like Inverse Distance, Ordinary Kriging, MIK, and Conditional Simulation.
  • Projects encompass geological modeling, Mineral Resource estimation, QAQC training, and technical audits.
  • Expertise extends to copper-cobalt, gold, and polymetallic skarn deposits, as well as chrome, manganese phosphates, and vanadium.

Notable Contributions:

  • Leading professional development courses at Snowden Optiro.
  • Delivering comprehensive exploration plans, project valuations, and reconciliation reviews.

Clementine’s Work Portfolio:

  • PGE, Base Metal, and Silver projects across diverse geographies.
  • Significant contributions to exploration plans, project valuations, and technical audits.


Snowden Optiro provides advice, mining consulting, training and innovative software solutions to mining and exploration companies, their advisors and investors.

Qualifications : BSc(Geo), Citation Programme in Applied Geostatistics.