Discover “Reconciliation Blues”: A Musical Journey with Craig Morley

We’re thrilled to welcome back Craig Morley, Executive Consultant, to the Snowden Optiro family. Craig’s return brings a wave of fresh energy – never failing to impress us with his creative thinking!

In case you missed it, Craig recently presented at our AusIMM conference workshop, where he surprised us all with a song he wrote about Reconciliation. Drawing on his love for music, Craig crafted entertaining lyrics that resonate with the challenges we face in mining. To our amazement, he used advanced AI technology to compose the music for the song, resulting in a truly captivating piece!

As Craig points out, the true potential of AI lies in its ability to exceed our expectations. By harnessing the advanced AI engine of, Craig has exemplified the seamless integration of technology and creativity in a truly remarkable manner.

Listen to “Reconciliation Blues” on our YouTube channel.

Here is also a sneak peek into the song’s lyrics:

[Music intro] [Verse] I’ve been workin’ in this mine, day and night Diggin’ deep in the data, searchin’ for what’s right But there’s darkness here, problem’s avoiding me But I know for sure, it’s not the geology

[Chorus] Reconciliation, that is my goal The mine value chain, it’s our heart and soul Gotta find a way, I know that I can If only the miners could just mine to the plan!!!

But wait, there’s more! Craig put together an electrifying “Heavy Rock Reconciliation” version of this song.

Craig Morley is not just a rock-music enthusiast, but also a seasoned Mine Geology and Reconciliation specialist. With over 30 years of experience spanning the globe, Craig has been instrumental in delivering operational excellence and continuous improvement across diverse mining projects.

His expertise in Mine Geology and Reconciliation has been recognized through numerous publications and speaking engagements, solidifying his status as a thought leader in the industry.

Join us in celebrating Craig’s talent and his invaluable contributions to the mining world!

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