Month January 2019

PODCAST: Reasonable Prospects of Eventual Economic Extraction (RPEEE)

Welcome to the second podcast in our Fresh Thinking from the World of Mining podcast series. This week Ian Glacken, our Director of Geology, talks about Reasonable Prospects of Eventual Economic Extraction (RPEEE) with Adam Mullett, and why the principle is critical to reporting resources. The podcast at a glance: 0:48 What is RPEEE? 1:33 Why do we need to have RPEEE as part of all the reporting codes? 2:28 The codes are there to protect investors - reporting the right information to investors is critical 3:19 What has changed from the versions of JORC 2004 to 2012? 4:28 RPEEE has also been controversial because of its inconsistent application 5:34 Why is the principal not being applied everywhere? 6:38 What is the approach for open pit mines for RPEEE? 7:45 How does RPEEE apply to underground mines? 8:56 Are there any differences between how the RPEEE has been applied in the JORC, SAMREC and CIM codes?
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Optiro’s Podcast Series Launch: Fresh Thinking from the world of mining

We've hit the broadcasting airwaves! We are delighted to let you know that we've launched a podcast series titled Fresh Thinking by Optiro. You can find our free podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher and Spotify. Our aim is to offer interesting technical talks and key information with a fresh take on the world of geology and mining. We will be uploading new podcasts on a regular basis. In our first podcast Ian Glacken, Optiro’s Director of Geology, talks with Adam Mullett on the subject of Top Cuts. This discussion covers topics such as why you need to be sure you haven't relied too greatly on outlier samples when creating a resource estimate, and how top cutting (capping) is a method that can be used to reduce the impact of individual samples and produce a more accurate picture of what's in the ground.
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Reconciliation Tips and Tricks. Author: Ian Glacken – Director of Geology

Ian Glacken our Director of Geology has compiled a reference document of some useful Reconciliation Tips and Tricks. If you would like to discuss Reconciliation or the possibility of a Reconciliation Audit followed by a Reconciliation Workshop - please contact Ian: Tel: +61 (0)8 9215 0000 Email: If you would like to attend our public Reconciliation course - Reconciliation: getting it right the first time - please visit the Training page of our Optiro website
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