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Part 1 of the QAQC Podcast… accuracy and precision.

In this Part 1 of a 2 Part podcast series, Paul Blackney our Principal Consultant discusses the difference between accuracy and precision and illustrates what accuracy means in practice. This Fresh Thinking podcast episode at a glance: 0:54 What's the difference between accuracy and precision? 5:12 Why are the accuracy and precision of geological data so important? 7:09 How do we know we have an acceptable accuracy for sample grade data? 9:50 Not everything goes to plan. What can you do if your grade control accuracy doesn't meet your expectations? You can subscribe to the Fresh Thinking podcasts on Google Podcasts, iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify and the Optiro website.
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PODCAST: Declustering… what is the true grade?

In this week's Fresh Thinking by Optiro podcast, Ian Glacken our Director of Geology, and Paul Blackney our Principal Consultant Geology discuss declustering and where to use it. Declustering is a critical technique to understand and use when estimating a resource. It helps you get a more accurate picture of the whole ore body, but why is it controversial in parts of the industry? The podcast at a glance: 0:51 What is declustering and why is mining data clustered? 1:41 What are the implications of not declustering? 2:03 When is declustering useful? 2:52 Do we need to apply declustering to ordinary kriging? 3:26 What are some of the normal methods used when declustering? 5:12 So not everyone uses declustering. Why do some practitioners disavow it? 6:10 Do you both agree on when to apply declustering? 7:22 Are there any circumstances when its mandatory to decluster? 9:12 Where should people go to learn more?
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PODCAST: Reconciliation – avoiding problems

Getting reconciliation wrong can lead to dire consequences for miners. In this podcast Optiro's Director of Geology Ian Glacken explains what can go wrong and how we can aim to avoid issues. The Reconciliation podcast at a glance: In this episode: 0:47 What is reconciliation and how it applies to mining? 1:48 What happens when things go wrong? 2:29 If someone has made a poor forecast at the beginning, is there any way back? 3:33 What are the key aspects of reconciliation? 5:46 Why is reconciliation so complicated? Does it need to be? 7:08 What about the standards we need to adhere to? 8:07 Is this just the domain of geologists or are there others involved? 9:09 What are the key aspects of an effective reconciliation? 9:56 Where can people learn more about reconciliation?
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