PODCAST: QAQC – quality is everything! Part 1 and 2 now available.

In this 2 Part series, Ian Glacken our Director of Geology, and Paul Blackney – Principal Consultant discuss the difference between QA and QC and how accuracy is determined.

QAQC – Part 1 podcast at a glance:

0:56 What is QAQC?
2:10 What are the limits of QAQC in the mining cycle?
2:45 What are the key aspects of what QAQC is trying to achieve?
4:09 How do we measure accuracy given we don’t know the true grade of anything?
5:18 What are the characteristics of a Certified Reference Material?
12:17 How do we portray accuracy?

QAQC – Part 2 podcast at a glance:

1:02 How do we measure precision and why is it important?
3:12 What are the properties of a duplicate for precision analysis?
3:50 Why do we need to take duplicates at various stages?
5:09 What are the types of information we need to present for duplicate samples and how do we measure precision?
6:46 Let’s move on from precision and talk about contamination
10:11 Why do we need umpire laboratories and what are their roles in the process?
11:45 Are there differing views about when to use an umpire lab?
12:27 What are the benefits of QAQC and what are the risks of not having a robust programme?
14:20 Where can you learn more about QAQC?

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