Optiro’s Podcast Series Launch: Fresh Thinking from the world of mining

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We’ve hit the broadcasting airwaves!

We are delighted to let you know that we’ve launched a podcast series titled Fresh Thinking by Optiro. You can find our free podcasts on iTunes, Stitcher and Spotify.

Our aim is to offer interesting technical talks and key information with a fresh take on the world of geology and mining.  We will be uploading new podcasts on a regular basis.

In our first podcast Ian Glacken, Optiro’s Director of Geology, talks with Adam Mullett on the subject of Top Cuts. This discussion covers topics such as why you need to be sure you haven’t relied too greatly on outlier samples when creating a resource estimate, and how top cutting (capping) is a method that can be used to reduce the impact of individual samples and produce a more accurate picture of what’s in the ground.

The podcast at a glance:

  • 0:44 What is a top cut?
  • 1:10 Why should you use a top cut?
  • 2:03 When and where should you apply a top cut?
  • 2:43 What are the alternatives to top cuts?
  • 3:33 Where are top cuts not appropriate?
  • 4:49 If not everyone believes in it, what is the science behind top cuts?
  • 7:26 Top cuts don’t always work out and produce the right results
  • 8:20 Top cuts are an essential method for high variability precious metals, like gold silver and platinum
  • 8:46 Where can people learn more?

Here are your easy access links to our Fresh Thinking podcast series on:

 Spotify    Stitcher    iTunes

Some of the topics that we will be covering over the next few weeks include:

  1. Reasonable Prospects of Eventual Extraction (RPEEE)
    This podcast covers the background to RPEEE, the changes between JORC 2004 and JORC 2012; why it is controversial at the moment; whether all mine companies apply it equally; what RPEEE approaches are for open pit mines; special issues with underground mines; and RPEEE in other key codes such as SAMREC and the CIM Guidelines.
  2. The Politics and Ideology of Resource Estimation – Part 1
  3. The Politics and Ideology of Resource Estimation – Part 2
    The above two podcasts discuss why different companies, countries and markets use different estimation techniques for Mineral Resources.
  4. Reconciliation
    This podcast discusses the importance, complications, standards of reconciliation and the key aspects of an effective reconciliation solution.

We hope you enjoy our podcasts and that you’ll Subscribe to or Follow them so we can keep you in the loop of our… Fresh Thinking!

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