Multivariate Geostatistical Conditional Simulation Techniques

Presenter: Oscar Rondon – Principal Geostatistician; Ian Glacken – Executive Consultant

Starting time of 09:00 AWST through to 13:00 AWST
This 4-hour course covers both standard and latest geostatistical techniques for multivariate simulation. All applicable theoretical aspects are presented with a major focus on applying the techniques in real life applications, along with tips and tricks for avoiding pitfalls. Various compositional transformations and their use in multivariate simulation are also discussed for completion.
Each attendee will receive a FREE trial Supervisor software licence.

This course is recommended for advanced geostatisticians and resource estimation geologists who wish to familiarise themselves with the latest geostatistical techniques for multivariate conditional simulation. Prior knowledge in the use of the Sequential Gaussian Simulation technique is assumed.

Course outline:

    • Spatial decorrelation of variables – why and how
    • Decorrelation and simulation with transformation into factors
      • Principal Component Analysis
      • Min/Max autocorrelation factors (MAF)
      • Stepwise transform
      • Flow Anamorphosis
      • Projection Pursuit
      • Iterative Gaussianisation
    • Factors’ QAQC and validation
    • Compositional transformations in multivariate simulation

On completion of the course, attendees will:

  • Understand the pros and cons of various multivariate simulation techniques
  • Understand how to generate and validate multivariate simulation results on real life data
  • Gain theoretical and practical knowledge of the latest multivariate simulation techniques

All practical activities will be carried out using Supervisor software and Snowden Optiro proprietary routines which will be provided to the attendees.
Each attendee will receive a FREE trial Supervisor software licence.

Duration (in days)


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