What’s new for Supervisor v8.15.1.1

Supervisor, our comprehensive geostatistical package, is now even more powerful with the latest major version update. In addition to its existing suite of univariate and multivariate data analysis tools, the new release introduces several enhancements that will help users rapidly understand the characteristics of their orebody with the highest level of confidence.

The latest release includes several quality-of-life improvements, such as the ability to copy-paste components between projects, a simplified visual representation for the Contact Analysis comparison table, and the ability to draw confidence limits on Scatterplots. Loaded points files can now be used as the node definition for point simulation, and Conditional Simulation block models can be exported directly to .dm format, saving users valuable time. This list is just a small sample of the many improvements that have been introduced in version 8.15.1.

With Supervisor’s flexible import and export features, users can enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive, easy-to-use geostatistical package regardless of their preference of general mining software. We are confident that these new features and enhancements will further improve productivity and provide a better user experience for our customers.

New Features in v8.15.1.1

Copying components between projects and Stand-alone Variogram enhancements

  • Copying components between projects saves valuable time by reusing existing component instead of recreating them from scratch.
  • Stand-alone variograms now support a wider range of features, acting as an omnidirectional variogram for analysis. They can also be exported for use in other software.
  • Both of these features enable users to work more efficiently and effectively, resulting in increased productivity and a better user experience.

New Segment modelling

  • The new component offers a more intuitive and user-friendly interface, with better interactivity that allows users to easily modify and adjust
    their segment models.
  • Gain a better understanding of the tails of the data, making it easier to identify and account for outliers and anomalies during resource
  • In-plot editing of thresholds, gives users more control and flexibility over segment boundaries.
    And many more improvements…

About Supervisor

Advanced Geostatistics, created by Geologists for Geologists, Supervisor relieves the stress of resource estimation by providing a suite of powerful, interactive statistical tools specially designed with resource geologists in mind. Billions of dollars are invested in projects based on resource estimates. Biased data or invalid domains generate unreliable results with dramatic downstream economic implications. Supervisor provides everything you need to optimise your resource estimate and deliver to the highest standard.

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