Reconcilor with all new Pivot View Module Released

We are thrilled to announce the release of Reconcilor version 9.5.0, packed with powerful features and enhancements designed to optimize your data analysis and improve user experience. One of the standout additions in this release is the highly anticipated Pivot View Module, which provides you with a user-friendly interface for data exploration.

With the new Pivot View Module, you now have the ability to generate queries on reconciliation comparisons, movement data, and stockpile information while ensuring compliance with a comprehensive set of business rules. Whether you are publishing the data to Reconcilor dashboards or utilizing it externally, you can have complete confidence in the quality and reliability of the information. This interface goes beyond the limitations of standard modules, empowering you with unmatched flexibility in exploring your data.

Reconcilor 9.5.0 with the new Pivot View Module

“We are excited to release the new Pivot View in Reconcilor which gives users the ability to define dimensions and values in your tables in a way that aligns with specific customer requirements.”, said Rayleen Hargreaves, Reconcilor Product Owner.

Watch this video below to find out how you can benefit from the new features introduced in Reconcilor 9.5.0:

Let’s dive into the highlights of Reconcilor 9.5:

  1. Pivot View Module: Introducing the Pivot View module, a dynamic addition to Reconcilor. With Pivot View, you can perform ad hoc queries, analysis, and reporting on your data. Customize table structures to suit your needs, configure and save pivot view tables, and publish them to the Dashboard. Gain flexibility and valuable insights for informed decision-making.
  1. Menu Restructure: To enhance user experience, we’ve restructured the management modules. Frequently used screens are now grouped together for easy access, streamlining your workflow. Screens for implementation configuration and system settings have been separated, allowing focused attention when needed. Find relevant screens quickly, optimizing your productivity.
  1. System and Import Status: Monitor your data with ease using the data warehouse. The new system status bar indicates data processing progress, keeping you informed. A completed import status now provides better clarity, highlighting accepted values and aiding identification of unimported data. Stay on top of your data and make well-informed decisions.
  1. Model by Survey Grade Import: Reconcilor now supports the import of survey grades and tonnes in end-of-month survey depletion imports. Both survey grades (where available) and design grades can coexist, providing a more comprehensive model representation. Compare model results based on survey grades, track trends, and gain a holistic perspective across the mine value chain. Accurate tonnes calculations, whether wet or dry, ensure precise data analysis.
  1. End User License Agreement (EULA): Aligning with other Datamine software solutions, Reconcilor now requires users to accept the Datamine End User License Agreement (EULA) before logging in. Stay compliant and access the EULA easily from your profile for reference purposes.

To learn more about these exciting new features and how they can benefit your data analysis workflows, visit our website or contact our Reconcilor consultants, who are available to provide online training and ensure a smooth transition to Reconcilor 9.5.

For more information regarding this release, please refer to the release notes.

We are committed to continuously improving Reconcilor to empower you with advanced data analysis capabilities and an enhanced user experience.

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