Tech Tips: Videos for Supervisor Users

Our team of experts have compiled a series of informative videos to share their technical knowledge and industry insights, gained over years of experience working in the mining industry, to assist users in getting the most out of the software.

The goal of these resources is to empower professionals to make informed decisions and achieve optimal results in their resource estimation endeavours.

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Supervisor is a cutting-edge geostatistics tool for resource estimation professionals.

Developed by our team of experienced geologists, this software is designed to efficiently address practical geological issues and streamline resource estimation processes.

These Tech Tips have been brought to you by Snowden Optiro’s Supervisor Manager Anthony Cook, and Technical Writer Dr Kiara Alessio.

You can read more about them below.

Supervisor Product Manager Anthony Cook


Anthony brings a wealth of technical expertise to the table, specifically in the areas of resource estimation and mine operations (both open-pit and underground), developed since 2010.

He has a diverse range of experience, having worked on nine geographically and geologically separate precious metal deposits, and several mineralization styles, including alluvial, supergene oxide, and in-situ hard rock.

During his tenure with Gold Fields Ltd, Anthony played a key role in corporate technical innovation and business improvement projects.

His experiences, which range from international secondment to private conferences with industry leaders, have provided him with broad exposure to the mining industry.

Contact Anthony here.

Technical Writer Dr Kiara Alessio

BSc (Geology and Geophysics), BSc (Honours in Geology), PhD (Metamorphic Geology)

Dr Kiara Alessio is a highly qualified technical writer, with a strong background in metamorphic geology and geochemistry.

She earned her PhD in Geology from the University of Adelaide and subsequently transitioned into the software industry to pursue her interests in technology.

She has effectively utilized her knowledge in geology and technology to create comprehensive help documentation and training materials for various products at Datamine.

Contact Dr Alessio here.

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