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Bellevue Gold Limited is a publicly traded company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). It has a current independent JORC Compliant global Mineral Resource of 9.8 Mt at 9.9 g/t gold for 3.1Moz, which includes a Probable Ore Reserve of 6.8 Mt at 6.1 g/t gold for 1.34 Moz. The historic Bellevue Gold Mine in Western Australia holds one of the highest-grade gold discoveries in the world.
The Bellevue Gold Project is situated in the Goldfields region of Western Australia, about 40km northwest of Leinster, in a major gold and nickel-producing district. The company is developing a high-grade underground gold mine at the Bellevue Gold Project. The mine plan includes a 1.0 Mt per annum processing plant, which will use a conventional gravity and leaching circuit. Mining operations will focus on underground production from multiple production centers accessible from the same portal.


Meeting the anticipated high grade and cost-effectiveness of the Bellevue Gold Mine during its first five years of operation is crucial. To achieve this, it is necessary to establish and improve the means of tracking and evaluating the effectiveness of the mining process about the model estimates before the start of production.

1. Mining Contractor, not owner operator (outsourced work), can lead to decreased visibility
2. Multiple source systems on site
3. New software implemented, new users can be hesitant to change
4. No ease in comparing the models with mining actuals
5. Difficulty measuring mine compliance to plan
6. No established process to measure the performance of the Resource model and data
inputs along the mining value chain due to the infancy of the project


Services selected to solve the above challenges:
1. Mining Contractor: Develop
2. Dispatch software: LiveMine
3. Reconciliation software: Reconcilor

Adopting Reconcilor and LiveMine can address the challenges faced in tracking and measuring the mining process at the Bellevue Gold Mine.

Here are the potential benefits:

  1. Improved data management:
    Reconcilor enables routine data imports and validation, enabling timely detection of any data issues. This proactive approach to data management will ensure the accuracy and reliability of the data, leading to informed decision-making and improved performance.
  2. Streamlined reconciliation process: By utilising Reconcilor, the reconciliation process will be streamlined, saving time and effort. This will lead to increased productivity and efficiency.
  3. Real-time data collection: LiveMine enables real-time data collection, providing instant feedback on the mining process. This will identify any issues as they occur, allowing fortimely intervention and corrective action.
  4. Improved data quality and reliability: LiveMine’s streamlined design, specifically tailored to meet the needs of mining operators, facilitates seamless data collection and reporting. This will ensure the accuracy and reliability of the data, leading to informed decision-making andimproved performance.
  5. Enhanced operational productivity: The efficiencies gained from using LiveMine have been proven to enhance operational productivity while minimising errors and ensuring data accuracy, leading to improved cost control and profitability.

Overall, the adoption of these solutions can help improve the tracking and measuring of the mining process at the Bellevue Gold Mine, leading to improved performance and cost-effectiveness.

Reconcilor is a HTML5 web application that makes use of modern web technologies to deliver improvements to the reconciliation process, with subsequent results-driving value across the entire mining chain – from resource to mine to plant product and shipping.

LiveMine was chosen as the comprehensive production data collection solution for Develop, replacing the traditional reliance on manual paper-based record-keeping and unwieldy spreadsheets. LiveMine’s revolutionary approach to underground and open-cut mining data collection has gained significant traction, positioning it as a highly sought-after solution for mining operations.

Digital tablets capture and validate data directly at the source, enabling the efficient transmission of information to the client’s databases for real-time review, approval, and reporting.


The successful integration of Reconcilor and LiveMine has provided significant benefits toBellevue, including standardisation of location hierarchy across all data sources, confidence in thequality of data before analysis and reporting, and tracking of spatial and mining compliance acrossmultiple mine plans. This has enabled the implementation of an optimised stockpile managementsystem, leading to improved blend quality and optimal material allocation for plant processing.

LiveMine has demonstrated its ability to track all Loading, Hauling and Drilling operations at Bellevue, achieving high levels of automation and data accuracy. In addition, the upcoming launch of its Explosives Management product will provide an end-to-end system for tracking and managing explosives across the mine site, delivering significant value across the entire drilling to the charging process.

Talk to us today to learn how Reconcilor can track metal movement from start to finish with confidence!

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