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PODCAST: Reconciliation – avoiding problems

Getting reconciliation wrong can lead to dire consequences for miners. In this podcast Optiro's Director of Geology Ian Glacken explains what can go wrong and how we can aim to avoid issues. The Reconciliation podcast at a glance: In this episode: 0:47 What is reconciliation and how it applies to mining? 1:48 What happens when things go wrong? 2:29 If someone has made a poor forecast at the beginning, is there any way back? 3:33 What are the key aspects of reconciliation? 5:46 Why is reconciliation so complicated? Does it need to be? 7:08 What about the standards we need to adhere to? 8:07 Is this just the domain of geologists or are there others involved? 9:09 What are the key aspects of an effective reconciliation? 9:56 Where can people learn more about reconciliation?
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