Supervisor v8.14.2 New Release

Snowden's Supervisor v8.14.2 New Release

Supervisor v8.14.2 New Release is now live!

Please read below for more information about what’s included in this new version of Supervisor.

What’s New in this Version

New feature – Hexbin Plots

The multivariate comparison tool allows users to easily identify correlation features within their data and overcome obfuscation issues inherent in datasets with large numbers of values.

With full control over the number of bins, legend calculation method and axis adjustments, these plots are an essential part of every geostatisticians toolkit.


Multivariate Simulation (MVS) – Grade probability plots have been added which are based upon a single selected primary variable.

MVS – A Data Validation tab has been added to the main component as a first-pass check that the data is appropriate for MVS.

MVS – Confidence Ellipses now report the percentage of points within each ellipse.

MVS – Users now have control over which variable is used as the denominator during compositional transformation if a Filler is not used.

MVS – Spatial Decorrelation is now available for both PPMT and GPCA.

MVS – The Results Export now functions in the same manner as the Conditional Simulation component, except that it allows all variables to be reported.

Probability Plot – Calculated data breaks can now be displayed on the probability plot.

Global Topcut Analysis – The user can now easily apply and clear the topcuts using buttons within the component.

Simulations can now be exported as binary Datamine block model (.dm) format.

User interface improvements

Add Data menu improved

Various bug fixes

To see the full release notes click here

To access the update click here

If you have any queries about the new Supervisor v8.14.2 release or require software support, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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