Snowden Optiro’s Inhouse Training

Unlock the potential of your mining professionals with our Inhouse Training courses. All our professional development courses can be delivered either on-site or online to your team and customised to suit your specific requirements.

With a history of excellence, our seasoned industry experts, will provide your team with valuable insights into the latest best practices and techniques in the world of mining and geology.

Course Offerings

Explore our course options that cover a wide spectrum of topics:

  • Essential Excel Skills for Geologists 1-day
  • Report Writing for Geologists and Engineers 1-day
  • Sampling Theory and Best Practice 1-day
  • Getting the most out of QAQC Data 2-days
  • Introduction to Geostatistics 1-day
  • Successful Sampling and QAQC of Assay Data 2-days
  • From Drilling to Mining for Field and Mine Technicians 1-day
  • Reconciliation – getting it right the first time 1-day
  • Resource Estimation and Evaluation 5-days
  • Advanced Resource Estimation and Simulation 3-days
  • Conditional Simulation – theory & application in mineral resource estimation 1-day
  • Multivariate Geostatistical Conditional Simulation Techniques 4-hours
  • Corporate Compliance in Resource and Reserve Reporting 1-day
  • Practical Variography using Supervisor 1-day
  • Supervisor Fundamentals 1-day
  • Geology for Non-Geologists 1-day
  • Mining for Non-Miners 1-day
  • Mining and Geology for Non-Miners 1-day
  • Understanding Mineral Processing for Non-Metallurgists 1-day
  • Surpac Geology Fundamentals 1-day
  • Resource Estimation using Surpac 4-days
  • Leapfrog 3D Geological Modelling 2-days
  • Economic Evaluation of Mineral Deposits 1-day
  • Productivity and Business Improvement 1-day
  • Decision Analysis for Mining Investments 1-day
  • Geostatistics in Coal Estimation, Classification and Reporting 1-day
  • Long Term Mine Planning 2-days
  • 10-day Resource Estimation Training & Mentoring Programme – 10-days presented over 5 months

Courses available in Spanish:

  • Applicaciones del modelo de variograma 1-day
  • Optimizacion de Parametros de Estimacion 1-day
  • Introduccion a la Simulacion Conditional 1-day
  • Estimación Avanzada de Recursos 3-days
  • Introducción a la Geoestadística 1-day
  • Estimación de Recursos 5-days

Cost-Effective Price Structure

We offer a pricing structure* that allows for any number up to 7 people to attend a training course – with prices based on the length of the course:

  • 1-day course cost: AU$6,600 + tax
  • 2-day course cost: AU$13,200 + tax
  • 3-day course cost: AU$19,800 + tax
  • 4-day course cost: AU$26,400 + tax
  • 5-day course costs: AU$33,000 + tax
  • 10-day Training Programme costs: AU$66,000 + tax

Additional participants can join at a nominal charge of AU$750 + tax per-person per-training-day.

For online training, there are no extra costs, and for onsite training, the only additional costs would be the presenter’s travel and accommodation requirements.

*These prices are valid until December 2023.

Customization Options

To ensure our training aligns perfectly with your team’s goals, we offer customization options. You can integrate your own data, tailoring the learning experience to address your unique requirements.

Get Started

Don’t miss the chance to equip your team with the latest tools and techniques, delivered by world-renowned industry experts.

To discuss your team’s specific needs and start customizing a training program, please email us at

For more information about our professional development courses, visit our website here.

We’re excited to work with you to help guide your team to success. 

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