This week… 60 Seconds of Info! Reconciliation information from Ian Glacken.

  1. Stockpile sampling methods that don’t work:  All of them.  Well, apart from processing the entire stockpile (and nothing else) through a two stage crushing system and taking an unbiased sample through a stream cutter, a dry vezin sampler, or at a pinch, a cross-belt sampler.
  2. Beware temporary stockpiles underground: These may be the home for parcels of ore for a few shifts and may not be part of the official stockpile list.  It is very easy to miscount or double count material movements when temporary and ephemeral stockpiles are used.  A robust material tracking system may help to resolve counting issues but extreme diligence is called for!

This week’s 2 x 30 Seconds of Info come from Ian Glacken – Director of Geology.

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