Turning the tables – article by Richard Roberts about JORC reporting

Copy of JORC Code Page 1 Table-1

Excerpts from the article:

Significant flaws in JORC reporting activity highlighted by a leading mining investment commentator in a recent Mining Journal column run a lot deeper than many in the industry want to accept, according to a mining consultant and particularly avid examiner of mining public reports, Rene Sterk…

In an eye-opening review of the way fellow industry professionals were conducting competent-person reporting via the all-important JORC Table 1 disclosure guidelines, Sterk said even 18 reports “pulled out of a few hours of sifting through our database during a random week in the life of JORC reports” mostly showed disturbing abnormalities. (Or maybe they are in fact the norm). There were “some interesting Table 1s for one reason or another”.

“I could easily fill another 50 pages with more examples for the rest of the year that will make you frown,” he said.

“At worst, some reports have pretty much failed to answer most of the questions correctly or sufficiently.

“Of course, it should be said that there are examples of some exemplary Table 1 submissions out there, but, after this research, I am quite amazed to see the number of reports where [critical] comments can be made. This review only involved reports for a bit more than a week!”

You can read the full article in the Mining Journal.

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