Tuyet Tran, Senior Geostatistician, Supervisor, Snowden Optiro

Tuyet Tran


Tuyet Tran is a Senior Geostatistician in the Supervisor software development team. Tuyet is involved with research and development, such as: the writing of FORTRAN and C# program to implement Uniform Conditioning, Anamorphosis Modelling, Global Change of Support, Multivariate Conditional Simulation using MAF, Multivariate Global Change of Support, Sequential Indicator Simulation (SISIM), Indicator kriging.

Her project work is related to: univariate and multivariate conditional simulation, uniform conditioning, global change of support, ordinary kriging, indicator kriging, indicator simulation, conditional simulation with variogram uncertainty, direct block simulation. Her writing of SPV C# code includes: Global Change of Support, Sequential Conditional Simulation, Turning Band Point Simulation, Direct Block Simulation, Multivariate Simulation, Kriging Neighbourhood Analysis, and Kmean Clustering.

Qualifications : PhD (Mathematics), BSc (Mathematics, Hons), (Minor in Computing)