Rowdy Bristol

Principal Consultant

Rowdy is a Principal Consultant with our Geology Division. He has deep familiarity with linear and non-linear resource estimation techniques, such as ordinary kriging, indicator kriging, inverse distance, conditional simulation, uniform and local uniform conditioning.  Rowdy, has more than 30 years’ experience using, teaching, testing, developing and documenting nearly all aspects of Surpac software and wrote most of the Surpac tutorials (including Geostatistics, Geological Database, Wireframing, and Block Modelling). He has high-end knowledge of statistics, top cutting, variography, kriging neighbourhood analysis and conditional simulation, and expert knowledge of Tcl scripting and Visual Basic macros. He has a working knowledge of Java, Fortran, HTML and C#. Rowdy has conducted dozens of training sessions on software and geostatistical concepts worldwide.

Qualifications : Applied Science Degree in Land Surveying; Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Engineerin;, Masters Degree in Geological Engineering; Graduate Diploma in Computer Science.