Oscar Rondon, Principal Geostatistian, Snowden Optiro

Oscar Rondon

Principal Geostatistician

Oscar Rondon, is a Principal Geostatistician with the Supervisor team. Oscar is a skilled geostatistician and researcher with more than 19 years of combined experience in the Oil & Gas and Mining & Metals industries with a proven track of innovative research and achievements. Oscar’s experience in the Mining & Metals industry comprises resource estimation and applications of conditional simulation, uniform conditioning, change of support and non-linear techniques within a range of different commodities and mineralisation styles.

Oscar’s experience in the Oil and Gas industry encompasses geostatistical reservoir characterisation as a part of a multidisciplinary team, seismic guided estimation of reservoir properties, co-simulation of reservoir properties through geostatistical techniques, conditional simulation of facies and applications of neural paradigms for seismic pattern identification and interpretation. Oscar has a strong theoretical background which combined with his last working experience has also made him sought after for the customisation, development and presentation of geostatistical training courses worldwide. Oscar presents our Snowden Optiro training courses in both Spanish and English.

Qualifications : PhD Geostatistics