Supervisor 8.13: New Release

We’re excited to announce that the next major release of Supervisor is now available! Version 8.13 brings with it a long requested feature, Sequential Gaussian Simulation (SGS). We’ve worked closely with some of our users to test and develop this feature, and we’re delighted to make it available for commercial use today. Check out our YouTube account here to watch a demo which steps through the process of creating a simulation and explores each of the new post-processing components.

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New Features

  • Run multiple realisation SGS simulations over multiple domains in a single run.
  • Reblock simulations for multiple block sizes.
  • Utilise a suite of post-processing components including Grade Tonnage Curve comparisons and Grade Cut-off Probability plots.
  • Easily export various results in CSV format.

What’s Next with Supervisor?

Sign up to our webinar, hosted next Thursday 30th by Anthony Cook, Product Manager, Supervisor and Training, and Oscar Rondon, Principal Geostatistician. We’ll be discussing the design principles for the new feature, providing time for Q&A and sharing our forward roadmap with Supervisor. 

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*Whilst our commercially released software has passed all of our internal testing phases, major updates may still contain minor stability issues. If you experience any errors or notice any bugs, please go to our Support portal. Here you will find useful articles and be able to log a support ticket.

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