Optiro’s summary of the RSC Mineral Resource Reporting Intelligence for 20-26 Feb 2017

Optiro: author of 26 resource estimate reports since Oct 2014.

RSC offer a free weekly intelligence report on the global reporting of mineral resources. This is Optiro’s summary of the report:

86 new technical reports were published:

  • 30 Mineral resources
  • 2 Maiden resources
  • 46 Exploration / Drilling
  • 2 Environmental
  • 2 were amendments – these were from: Puma Exploration for the Murray Brook property; Lithium X Energy for their Sal de los Angeles property.

The project locations:

  • 63 North America
  • 30 Oceania
  • 19 Africa
  • 9 Europe
  • 6 Asia
  • 9 South America

The project commodities:

  • 95 Gold
  • 35 Silver (down 7 from last week)
  • 17 Zinc
  • 15 each for Lead and Copper (Copper down 14 from last week)
  • 9 Lithium
  • 6 Zircon (6 more than last week!)
  • 5 Molybdenum
  • 3 each for Antimony and Cobalt
  • 2 Tin

Globally, the most popular resource and reserve estimation report authors since October 2014:

  • Globally, Optiro is in the top 8 consultancies for resource estimation reports and globally the most popular consultancy for Maiden Resource reports.
  • Globally, Optiro is in the top 15 consultancies for reserve estimation reports.

The top 3 drill intersections for the week:

  • Timmins Gold Corp: Ana Paulo in Mexico, resource definition; 151.07m @ 8.98g/t Au and 6.52g/t Ag from 105.00mm
  • Integra Gold Corp: Lamarque in Canada, resource definition; 14.75m @ 71.61g/t Au from 140.2m
  • Primero Mining Corp: San Dimas in Mexico, mining; 8.1m @ 56.9g/t Au and 3367g/t Ag from 321.7m

Top 3 most significant drill intersections of 2017:

  • Kirkland Lake Gold in USA – Fosterville project – Au
  • Cordoba Minerals Corp in Colombia – San Matias project – Au, Ag, Cu, Zn
  • UEX Corp in Canada – Christie Lake project – U308

Here is the full RSC Resource Reporting Intelligence report.

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