Mine Reconciliation – For Better or Worse

Why do we look for better reconciliation when times get tough?  Why wait?  Mine reconciliation should be a priority throughout the good times too.  In fact, with good reconciliation, those good times are going to be even better and will help pave the way to success through those preventable bad times.

Reconciliation throughout the entire mining value chain requires the capture, validation, and analysis of copious amounts of data.  This task can be daunting for a team in a small mine, let alone reconciling across a suite of large mines.

By instigating vigorous reconciliation, you are setting your mine up for the future.  Not only will you have the means to analyse your current processes and measures, but you will have the opportunity to identify and improve your mine’s performance from the resource model through to the final product.

In recognition of the relationships across the mine value chain, Snowden has specialised in reconciliation consulting and developed the Reconcilor software system.  The system is customised to each operation to specifically track data from various input systems and report on these relationships right across the operation.  The primary objective is to capture mine predictions, actual performance and enable comparisons of data in such a way as to identify potential operation improvements.

Snowden’s Reconcilor system provides clients with an innovative, customised solution to assist with their reconciliation needs.  The system, which has been developed and refined over 10 years, is based on presenting validated and accurate data in such a way that management can make informed and strategic decisions to optimise their mining operation and increase profitability.

Reconcilor provides:

  • Automated data capture from commercial mining software packages;
  • Data stored in a single central data store;
  • Results via an intuitive interface providing information for data analysis; and a
  • Flexible and customizable reporting platform.

Snowden recognizes that there is a key set of data management principles that apply to all operations, regardless of differences in location, geology, commodity and culture.  The core functionality of Reconcilor was designed on the basis of these key principles, ensuring that the system handles the fundamental issues.

These principles are:

  • Make information available to many individuals at different levels of the operation
  • Track data changes and maintain proper levels of security.
  • Validate data using company business rules and have errors corrected in the original data source.
  • Capture data electronically and automatically.
  • Provide a flexible approach to adapt to changing requirements.
  • Use robust technology.

If you would like to learn more about Reconcilor, please drop me a line and I would be more than happy to have a discussion with you and your team.

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