Interview Series: Oscar Rondon

Oscar is a Principal Geostatistician at Snowden, having worked at the company for over 6 years between roles. As one of our resident Experts, we wanted to introduce Oscar and help you get to know him.

Q: Can you share a bit about you?  

As a skilled geostatistician and researcher with over 18 years of combined experience in the Oil & Gas and Mining industries, my experience in the Mining industry comprises resource estimation and applications of multivariate conditional simulation and uniform conditioning, change of support and non-linear geostatistical techniques within a range of different commodities and mineralisation styles. I have a strong theoretical background which combined with my working experience as consultant has allowed me to customise, develop and facilitate geostatistical training courses worldwide.

Q: Can you explain some of the challenges you consult to your clients on in a few sentences and how you help them improve?

I have been helping clients on different fronts, from providing consulting services and training in the application of traditional geostatistical techniques for Mineral Resource estimation till the application of more advanced geostatistical techniques in real mining applications.  Recently we assisted one of our clients in producing multivariate conditional simulations of large ore bodies as part of a drill hole spacing and risk assessment study. This allowed the client to quantitatively assess the economic cost versus risk impact of different drill grids based on the quality of the grade estimation and potential for misclassification.

Q: What inspired your career in this field?

 Certainly, the application of mathematical models to industry problems.

Q:  What is the most satisfying aspect of your role?

My role is very dynamic and diverse. I can work closely with clients, conduct training and at the same time write articles and do research and development.

Q: You’ve had the opportunity to travel to some interesting places around the world with your job – what have you seen and what impressions have you come away with?

 I have been great to travel around the world for work. Getting to know other people and their cultures has been fascinating.

I love the Chilean wine, particularly the Carmenere grape, the Peruvian and Mexican food, the majesty of the landscapes in Canada,  Norway and Finland, the elegance of the French maths and the mateship of the Australian people.

Q: What are your best memories from mine sites in your 15+ years in the industry?

After joining Snowden in 2005, I had the opportunity to go back to my country of birth Venezuela where I visited a gold mine in El Callao gold mining district. I had never been there before, and the experience and the memories of that visit were truly enriching.

Q: Who inspires you from your field and why?

I think that my inspiration comes from all practitioners who embark on understanding the best practices of Geostatistical modelling as well as the challenges new data and problems bring to the industry.

Q: What’s a fun fact about you?

 A German shepherd dog lover! My furry friend always stays close to me.

Connect with Oscar on LinkedIn.

My German Shepherd, Shaila
Beach Time with my Dog, Shaila
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