Sampling and QAQC Of Assay Data

Understanding the importance of good sampling and QAQC practices

Presenter: Anthony Cook – Product Manager; Ian Glacken – Executive Consultant; Kahan Cervoj – Executive Consultant; Paul Blackney – Executive Consultant

This 2-day course will teach you: correct sampling practices, the sources of sampling error, to optimise your sampling protocol through the application of sampling theory, the principles of QAQC and the statistical tools to critically analyse QAQC data.

Day 1 – Effective Successful Sampling
A hands-on guide to designing and running effective sampling programs – all aspects are explained using case studies and practical exercises.

You will:

  • Learn how to critically assess and design sampling and sample preparation systems – from drilling through to process sampling
  • Understand the importance of good sampling practice
  • Understand the sources of sampling error and the cost of poor sampling
  • Understand and apply Gy’s sampling theory to sample size selection and the design of sampling protocol

Day 2 – QAQC of Assay Data
Tackles the issue of best practice and presents a set of practical guidelines for ensuring you achieve highest data quality.

You will:

  • Understand the principles of QAQC
  • Learn the answer to – How good is my data?
  • Understand basic statistical methods relevant to the analysis of assay QC data
  • Identify QC anomalies and learn how to deal with them

This course is designed for those involved in: the sampling process; laboratory and metallurgy; project evaluation; and resource and exploration geologists.

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