Resource Estimation and Evaluation – Johannesburg and Online

Presenters: Senzeni Mandava – Principal Consultant, Shepherd Kadzviti – Head of Advisory EMEAA

Course presented in Johannesburg, South Africa. Price in South African Rands: ZAR 60,000 + VAT per person
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A practical step-by-step guide from data to resource
This 5-day course gives you a clear understanding of the resource estimation process from interpretation through to classification.
Each attendee will receive a FREE temporary Supervisor software licence.

Key topics covered in this course include:

  • How to create a robust resource estimate with industry-standard software and techniques
  • How to explore your data and combine geology and geostatistics to build more robust estimates
  • How to understand and follow reporting codes and practical guidelines for resource classification

The course covers the entire resource estimation process including:

  • Introduction – flow of tasks, key concepts
  • Data quality – QAQC, sampling, database
  • Domaining and data preparation – the how and why of boundaries, coding and compositing
  • Statistics – exploring and describing good and bad data sets, declustering and topcutting
  • Variography – understanding grade continuity, modelling variograms, moving from the variogram to the estimate
  • Estimation – understanding kriging, exploring MIK, inverse distance and 2D estimation.
  • Model validation – tools and techniques
  • Post-processing – understanding change of support and recoverable resources
  • Classification and reporting – understanding the Codes and types of reports
  • An introduction to Conditional Simulation for risk and uncertainty

Course outcomes – you will:

  • Understand what affects a good and a bad estimate
  • Appreciate the paramount value of data and how to ensure its highest quality
  • Understand and apply the principles of sampling and QAQC for quality assurance
  • Know how to turn a first-class geological model into correct zones for estimation
  • Learn how to validate zones and their boundaries against the data and geology
  • Understand the critical role of geological and grade continuity
  • Cover the key geostatistical methods of grade estimation and compare these with other approaches
  • Know what to do when you don’t have enough data
  • Understand the many ways to validate your work and which are the best
  • Appreciate the key criteria for resource classification

The course assumes a basic knowledge of geology, sampling, QAQC and statistical concepts but does not assume any geostatistical knowledge.

This course has been designed for geologists and mining engineers involved with or about to become involved with resource estimation.

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