Mining for Non-Miners – Perth and Online

Presenter: Chris Jones – Principal Consultant – Mining

An introduction to the mining cycle

This 1-day course explains the basic mining cycle for open pit and underground mines, the planning process, including feasibility studies and cost drivers behind successful mines.

You will learn about:

  • The mining cycle; the stages in the life of a mine, from exploration through to mine closure and rehabilitation
  • Underground mining
    • Development
    • Production
    • Ground support
    • Load and haul
    • Ventilation
  • Open pit mining
    • Design
    • Drill and blast
    • Load and haul
    • Equipment
  • Basic capital and operating costs
  • Types of mining studies; an understanding of pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Mine planning; optimisation, scheduling, cut-off grades
  • Mine closure and rehabilitation
  • Planning parameters and key terminology

Videos and animations are incorporated into the training day to provide visualisation of the mine cycle and enhance the learning experience for your personnel.

The videos and animations cover:

  • Block-cave modelling
  • Cut and fill stoping
  • Sub-level stoping
  • Room and pillar mining
  • Drilling and blasting for both open-pit and underground mining
  • Montage on open-pit mining

Designed for non-miners working in, associated with or investing in the mining industry.

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In-house /Online or Onsite training is a cost-effective way of getting your whole team trained.

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