Getting the Most Out of QAQC Data – Vancouver & Online

Presenter: Clementine Clark – Principal Consultant

This 2-day Getting the most out of QAQC Data course covers the QAQC life cycle: from planning the types and frequencies of QAQC data to be collected; the mechanics of collecting, transporting and submitting the samples; analysing to reveal systematic and trending errors; deciding what is and what isn’t a failure; and to making the changes in the resource database.

We take an holistic view of QAQC and emphasise the importance of having a rigorous and comprehensive system.  We also emphasise learning the key techniques by building the analysis tools in Excel and by analysing and commenting on real-life QAQC data.


  • Sampling process and error
  • Accuracy and precision
  • Bias and error
  • Data management
  • Statistical measures.

Measuring Accuracy:

  • Standards
  • Dealing with multiple standards
  • Bias measurement
  • Defining an unacceptable result
  • What to do if an unacceptable result is obtained.

Measuring Precision:

  • Duplicate samples
  • Measures of precision
  • Defining an acceptable precision outcome
  • What to do if the precision achieved is not acceptable.

Measuring Contamination:

  • Blanks
  • What to do if contamination is detected.

Other areas of QAQC:

  • Particle size analysis
  • Survey data
  • Density data
  • The geoscience database.

During the course you will:

  • Understand the key issues associated with and tests for precision, accuracy, contamination and bias
  • Learn the optimum insertion rates for the various types of QAQC test for your commodity and system
  • Cover best practice associated with CRMs, blanks, duplicates, umpire laboratories and other types of QAQC
  • Appreciate the best tools for analysing QAQC data and how to construct the relevant charts and statistics
  • Determine anomalies and failures, how to fix them, and how to ensure that it doesn’t recur
  • Understand how assay labs work and how to interact with and inspect them.

Feedback from attendees:

  • Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and not making us feel silly for our questions! 
  • Great course. The course has given me a good overview of QAQC and given me plenty of topics to further build upon. 
  • Very useful course! Thank you 

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