The AusIMM Bulletin’s 3rd most read article was written by Ian Glacken


Ian Glacken’s article ‘New directions in geology modelling and orebody evaluation’ was the Bulletin’s 3rd most read online article for 2015. As they publish a very large number of articles per year to their Bulletin website, and the website generates 10,000+ sessions per month, this is a great achievement. Well done Ian!

Here is an excerpt from Ian’s article:

“The consistent availability of good data provides a high-quality springboard for the critical interpretation and geological modelling phases of the resource evaluation. Fifteen to twenty years ago the reliability of this data would often have been in question, adding a further layer of risk to an already uncertain modelling task. The skills of the geology modellers – geophysicists, geochemists and explorationists – remain at a high level. What has changed is that, perhaps for the first time, the geological and resource modelling tools available are able to do justice to the interpreted models. The number of compromises to the desired interpretation required for the sake of imperfect technology is rapidly declining.”

Here is the link to Ian’s article “New directions in geology modelling and orebody evaluation” as published in the AusIMM Bulletin.

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