30 Seconds of Info: QAQC – field duplicate samples obtained from waste materials

30 Seconds of Info from Optiro

Field duplicate samples obtained from waste materials add little value to the analysis of sample precision, particularly in precious metal deposits:  Sampling protocols often dictate the collection of field duplicate samples at a fixed rate relative to the number of routine assay samples collected.  In many deposit types, this practice results in a large proportion of data obtained being derived from low grade waste materials rather than mineralised zones.  This information adds little value to the analysis of sample precision.  Better practice is to adopt sampling protocols that allow field duplicate samples to be selected after mineralised zones have been identified by the geologist.  This approach provides more relevant data but does increase the complexity of the underlying sampling protocol.

This week’s 30 Seconds of Info comes from Paul Blackney our Principal Geology Consultant  pblackney@snowdenoptiro.com

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