Month June 2017

Optiro Summary of RSC Resource Reporting Intelligence for 29 May to 4 June 2017

Optiro's summary of the RSC Resource Reporting Intelligence for the week of the 29 May through to 4 June 2017 gives information about: number and type of technical report published; the location and commodities of the projects; the most significant drill intersections for the week, the month and year to date; and the position of Optiro amongst the top 24 Consulting Groups as the author of resource and reserve reports.
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30 Seconds of Info: QAQC – from Ian Glacken

This week's 30 Seconds of Info comes from Ian Glacken - Director of Geology. Don’t forget density QAQC: In some orebodies the bulk density or specific gravity is not a major contributor to the outcome, but in the majority of deposits it is as important to get density right as it is to ensure correct assays. This means having a density standard (an aluminium cylinder is preferred) and thinking about doing density duplicate measurements. The concept of a blank is not so applicable. Of course correct bulk density determination is critical for an orebody with oxide and transitional weathered material.
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